3M Vinyl Skins That Match Your iPad Air’s Style

There’s no question that – like all of Apple’s products – the iPad Air 2 is a revolutionary piece of handheld technology. They’re faster and more powerful than most tablets yet slimmer and lighter as well, making them easy to use for whatever you want to do. Whether that’s completely destroying your opponent on Words with Friends or watching a movie on its full HD Retina display, the iPad is there to help. Nevertheless, for all that they’re capable of the entire fleet of iPads are vulnerable, delicate machines that can break suddenly and irreparably.

You’ve seen it firsthand. Friends, family, and even colleagues have admitted to damaging their iPads. Some have lived through the nightmare that is dropping it onto hardwood or asphalt. A quick freefall to these surfaces shatter the touch screen, rendering it useless until repaired – a fix that costs nearly as much as the original price tag. Others have gouged pieces out from the surrounding bezels, scratched the backing, or chipped the buttons.

Even the smallest graze can be devastating on such a sleek machine, which is why you know you can’t let that happen to your iPad Air 2. It’s your precious device, and you won’t see any harm come to it. But you’ve seen how bulky some protective cases are. They’re thick, ugly, and at odds with the overall style of the iPad. Additionally, they add weight and dimension to a thin device, transforming it into an unwieldy machine. Though you want protection saving your Air 2 from damage, you don’t want to ruin the sleek and modern lines of your iPad.

Thankfully, there are ways to both protect and stylize your Air 2. Look for iPad skins that use 3M vinyl in all of their designs. You’ve probably seen 3M vinyl skins on company cars, affixing the company’s logo along the windows and doors of the vehicle. 3M vinyl for iPad skins work similarly, in that it can be attached to the unique dimensions of the Air 2 and provide a matchless grip on the device. It adheres to its every curve, bezel, and button, sitting flushing against the machine. It’s also thin enough that it barely adds any weight or width to the device.

Once attached to your iPad, the Air 2 skin saves your device from scratches, gouges, and even grime build-up. It may not insulate the iPad well enough that it could survive a drop onto concrete, but it does come with a textured grip that makes it easier to hold your iPad, minimizing the chances that you’ll let it slip through your grasp.

However, protection only goes so far if the skin ends up being an ugly eyesore like its plastic case counterpart. Head online and look for those 3M vinyl skins that have been crafted into cool styles. You should expect bright colors and unique textures as options, so don’t settle for anything less. You should also anticipate seeing your chosen design on the iPad before you even commit to a purchase. The 3M iPad Air 2 skins from dbrand are modelled on a real-time build-a-skin function on their website, so you can see what each color and texture looks like on your exact model. Play around with different colors for each piece, and the model will update. That way you’re never surprised (or disappointed) with the outcome.

You don’t want to add your name to the very long list of people who have damaged or outright broken their iPads. Keep your Air 2 safe with a cool and stylish iPad skin. You’ll get the best protection from scratches and dents without sacrificing any of the inherent style of the iPad.