A Guide to Buying an Ice Machine

Whether you need to buy an ice machine for your bar, restaurant, food truck, café or just for your home, you will need to do some research into different brands to make sure you make a good investment. You can get machines that vary in size and price, and you will need to ensure that you buy a brand that is easy to get hold of spare parts for and also one that you can fixed by a repair company if you have a problem.

What you want to use the ice machine for will affect which one you will need to buy. For example, if you run a large bar then you will need to buy good quality ice makers that will produce large quantities of ice but if you just have a local café, then a smaller machine will suffice.

Good Quality Products

It is important to ensure that you invest in good quality products in order to get good value for your money and when you buy an ice machine, it is a good idea to do some research on the brand to see what other people have to say about it.

Here are a few ideas of the things you should do in order to ensure you are buying a trusted brand:

  • Read online reviews
  • Ask people you know for a recommendation
  • Read consumer reviews
  • Compare prices from different brands

Always look to see what the length of the warranty is, as it is important to make sure that the machine comes with a good warranty.

Making Ice

You will need to think about what type of ice you need to make before you decide what machine to buy and below are a few ideas about the different types of ice you can make with different machines:

  • Crushed
  • Cubes
  • Diced
  • Shaved

Some machines will dispense whole cubes, while others will make any type of ice that you want and what type of business you have will affect the type of machine you should buy.

Ice Machine

For Example: If you have a juice bar that serves shakes all day long then you will use a lot of different types of ice so investing in a machine that makes different types of ice will be important. In comparison, if you own a restaurant and you only need ice to add to soft drinks such as orange juice, then you can invest in a machine that just makes cubes.

Popular Brands

There are lots of different brands and below are a few examples of the most popular:

  • Follett
  • Brema
  • Grant
  • Manitowoc
  • Ice-O-Matic
  • Hoshizaki

You can shop around online for a good deal on a new or second-hand ice machine and there are lots of other products similar to an ice machine that you can also buy such as water coolers, fridges and water filters.

Always do some research before you buy an ice machine and also set out a budget before you begin shopping to ensure you don’t go overbudget.