How to Buy Unique Christmas Gifts this Year

While for some of us, shopping for gifts for other people is no more stressful than doing the weekly grocery shopping, for others it is a dreaded task that is really hard work. If you are one of those people who sits uncomfortably during present-opening time because you know the box of chocolates or bunch of garage-bought flowers are going to be met with a forced smile of gratitude before they delve into the next present, then you will need to put a little more work into your Christmas shopping this year. It isn’t as hard as many fear to come up with a list of great Christmas gift ideas and we are going to make it a little easier on you this festive season by taking you through a few ideas about how to buy your loved ones some unique presents that they will really appreciate.

really appreciat

  • Create a List

Start by jotting down the names of the people you need to find gifts for, followed by the amount of money you want to spend on each one as this will help you to calculate a budget. Once you have worked out who you want to buy something for and how much you can spend on each person, you should then write each name on separate pieces of paper and get ready for the next stage.

Create a List

  • Brainstorming

If gift ideas don’t come naturally to you, then you will need to try brainstorming some ideas for each person.

Ask yourself the following questions and jot down your answers:

  • What hobbies does the person enjoy doing?
  • Do they like sports?
  • What activities do they regularly partake in?

Christmas Gifts Brainstorming

  • What do they do in their spare time?
  • Have they recently bought anything new such as a house, a motorbike or a car that they rave about?
  • What is their favouite TV show or football team?
  • What colours do they like?

For example, if you know someone who enjoys drinking wine or beer and likes the colour green – why not buy them a novelty glass and wrap it up in a green coloured box? This is far more thoughtful than simply going to get a bottle of wine or beer and handing it over in a Sainsbury’s bag.

coloured box

By taking a few of their interests and likes and mixing them together, you can easily create a wonderful present for all of your loved ones.

  • Make it Fun

Christmas is a time to have fun, so why not give funny gifts to everyone? You can search online for some great novelty gift ideas and they are often sectioned out into categories to make shopping for Christmas presents even easier, such as “men” or “kids”. Look for presents that will make people laugh such as joke toilet paper, a glass with a funny message on it or an amusing bottle stopper as people will always enjoy receiving gifts that make them smile.

Make it Fun