Shopping for Corporate Gifts: Tips to Ensure you Don’t Ruin your Good Intentions

There are times when a business needs to show its appreciation to somebody who can be a client, customer, employee, partner or supplier. However, the majority of business owners have no idea of how to go about this since shopping for a corporate gift can be overwhelming. People offer gifts in business in order to secure business relationship, send a message of gratitude and connect with clients.

However, purchasing and sending a gift to a person can send a wrong impression and damage your relationship with the company or person. Thus, you have to take great care as purchase the gifts. Here are some notable tips to help you with your corporate gift shopping.

Do your Homework and Understand the Policy of the Company

A number of companies forbid giving or receiving of gifts. Some may have limits to the cost of the gift item while others do not set any limit at all. Thus, you need to check the detail before buying a corporate gift to know the amount you can spend on the item while ensuring your gift will not be rejected.


Get an Item that Makes an Impression

Remember that first impression is lasting. Packing is necessary since it can offer this impression to your recipient. A great packaging will send the message of how you value your recipient.  Thus, no matter what the price of the gift is, package it appropriately.

Keep it Simple and Remember to Send a Handwritten Card

Everybody in the corporate world appreciates handwritten cards. Cards are affordable but will leave a lasting impression on whoever gets them. Also, purchasing and sending a handwritten card will provide you the chance to write a personalized message on your recipient.

Personally Deliver the Gift

When your corporate gift is not bulky or must be carried by more than one person, consider delivering it personally to the person or business. This creates a lasting and strong impression since people tend to appreciate personal efforts.


Understand Cultural Differences

For Chinese, a white gift wrap can signify death. For Germans, red rose signifies romantic intent. For Japanese, a gift in sets of four means death. You need to consider symbolism or cultural differences as you send a corporate gift to somebody of another culture. Perhaps you will have a good intention; however, you can safely show it by respecting the person’s belief and personality.

Know what your Recipient Likes

Deciding on the kind of corporate gift to shop can be tough and is usually risky. Sometimes, when you don’t know what your recipient likes, you are likely to send a wrong gift. This will only ruin your corporate image and intentions. To minimize this challenge and the risk, research on the person you wish to give a gift to. Know his interest and hobbies.


Shop for Quality Gifts

The kind of corporate gifts you give out usually reflect the image of your company. Building up a good image and reputation is a tedious task so never ruin it by offering low quality gifts. Pick a high quality gift that will not break your bank. View online catalogue of gifts to ensure you get high quality gift items.