The return of the graphic t-shirt

Graphic tees were the easiest go-to garment a few years back. From anything to a witty quote to your Alma Mater’s logo, they were pretty much custom designed for the user, and that’s what made them incredibly popular. However, as this trend rose, these t-shirts became more and more generalized with most people wearing a tee-shirt with just the logo of a brand printed on it. This accompanied by the licensing of the t-shirts led to the fall of this piece of garment.

Now these graphic t-shirts are making a comeback. This is a win-win situation for the consumers and the manufacturers. While the manufacturers get to tap the potential market by expanding their market share the consumers gain an easy access to big labels and brands. These graphic t-shirts have come back by making use of their USP- consumer customization and brand marketing.

Consumer customization-

These t-shirts are almost a representation of who you are. From a quote that describes you the best or a mantra, you abide by, from a series you are the biggest fan of to thefavourite character. These t-shirts help you show a person who you are and what you like, and it, therefore,helps to start a conversation. It might sound a little bizarre that a piece of garment can be aconversationstarter, but it is actually the graphic that does the magic. Imagine you walk into your new hostel room and your new roommate loves the same band as you. Voila! No more awkward interactions.

Brand Marketing-

With the return of the graphic t-shirts,the traditional logo-on-the-front t-shirts have also made a comeback. These t-shirts have helped create a brand image and tap the most potential undiscovered market of consumers. This market comprises of those who want to shop from thebig brand but have a budget limitation as well. In this case these shirts provide an easy entry to the consumer in the loyal circle of the big brands. What better way to flaunt this entry than to wear a t-shirt of the logo of the company itself!

The return of graphic t-shirts has been largely satisfying and relaxing for the college goers. These t-shirts were the epitome of casual wear for men and women. All one had to do was throw on a pair of jeans with one of the many t-shirts owned, and they looked like a perfectly normal, cool and casual student.


This is another recent fashion trend that allows you to make use of all those t-shirts lying somewhere in that dump you call a cupboard. You can spice them up by pairing them with another latest fashion trend- the palazzo pants. It looks like graphic tees are back with a bang and this time they are here to stay. So become a part of this resurrected fashion trend by buying these t-shirts online. Also, don’t forget to check out the awesome DIYs you can do with these t-shirts.