What Plans Have You Made for Your Hens’ Party?

Whilst it is always fun to visit the various local pubs for a hens’ party night, you can also begin the festivities at home. For example, you may make the celebration a weekend event and have one part of the party at home and then expand it to a ladies’ night out the following evening.

Planning a Hens’ Party at Home

If you begin the bachelorette gathering at home, you may want to consider scheduling the following activities:

  • Pampering in the form of pedicures, massages, manicures, or facials
  • Topless entertainers and waiters
  • A cocktail service
  • Psychic or tarot readings
  • Personalised cupcake decorating

How Many Invitees Will Be Attending the Party?

When planning a hens’ party, you need to consider the bride-to-be’s personality and temperament and her particular interests. You also want to draw up a guest list and figure out how many invitees will be attending the event. The party location is important as is the budget, too.

Host a Day Spa Experience

For a classy type of party, you may want to hold the event on an afternoon or evening. Serve your guests champagne when they arrive and spend the day receiving spa and pampering treatments. Your day spa should include such essentials as candles, relaxing music, slippers, and robes. After everyone is pampered, serve them tea on fine china for an added touch of class. You might follow this activity with a picnic or winery touring event.

Hens’ Party

Check Out the Party Games Online

Whilst you are making plans for your party, review some of the cheap hens’ party games available at peckaproducts.com.au. The games provide great entertainment, especially if they are in the form of a scavenger or treasure hunt or a card game. Some of these games are ideal at parties that are more daring in nature, too.

A More Daring Celebration

For a more daring hens’ party, cater the celebration with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Include topless waiters to add to the fun. You might also think about featuring male strippers at the event. Include pecker plates and cups and even pecker freezer cubes to make fun shaped ice.

Glow-in-the-dark willy straws should also be included at the event along with willy knives and forks. A hens’ party scratch card game is always a good way to begin a night out on the town and get everything feeling lively and up for a good time.

A Couple More Suggestions

You might also think about hiring a photo booth for your party at home. Include some props to make the experience even more engaging. One last item which usually goes down a treat with the bride to be is the autograph t-shirt. All the hens’ (and even strangers you meet along with way) can sign it and leave some humorous advice. It will also serve as a great memento for the future bride to look back on to remember her last night out with the girls (pre-wedding).